Pope’s replacement

Larry G. writes:

I hope the cardinals return to the tradition of selecting an Italian as pope. Otherwise this time we may be saddled with a Hispanic, an African, or—God forbid—an American.

LA replies:

It won’t stop now with a black, or—God help us—with an American. Every time a new pope is elected, he will have to be from a different race / country/ continent / culture, until all the relevant sub-divisions of mankind have been proportionally represented.

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Brandon F. writes:

As is typical of the liberal media many headlines are suggesting that the next pope could be black. This is a troubling idea and I hope the cardinals electing the next pope realize it. The liberal media types are suggesting that a Latin or African pope would be good because those are the fastest growing areas for Catholics. The problem I see is the further alienation of Europeans and their descendants. (This alienation is not a product of good men like Pope Benedict but the intellectual and cultural currents of modernity.) If it would be good for the races of Latin America or Africa to see one of their own in the papacy wouldn’t it be good in turn for the last of the faithful and potential faithful of the West to see one of their own?

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