America, practicing non-discrimination, admits 30 million nonwhite immigrants, a nonwhite immigrant commits mass murder, and it’s America’s fault, for being discriminatory against nonwhite immigrants

Brett A. writes:

Police Chief Zikuski told NBC’s “Today” that people “degraded and disrespected” the gunman over his poor English, and Mayor Matthew Ryan, speaking on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” said the man was angry about his language issues and his lack of employment.

LA replies:

It’s the Non-Nonwhite Immigration Theory of Nonwhite Immigrant Violence. If a nonwhite immigrant commits mass murder, it’s got to be white America’s fault. If the killer had a gripe against America over something, that was America’s fault.

See my discussion of the New York Times article a couple of weeks back in which any failure by a high school in Virginia to achieve the perfect assimilation and education of its vast population of recent immigrant pupils is blamed on the school and American society.

Liberalism is to white America as anti-Semitism is to the Jews. For liberals, everything that is wrong in the world is white America’s fault. And this doesn’t stop with things that are already wrong. Liberalism deliberately creates new problems, in order to blame them on America. Thus liberalism imposes impossible immigration burdens on America, and if America fails to perform perfectly under those burdens, that shows how rotten America still is and how it needs to be even more open and generous to immigrants. Similarly, Israel acted in a supremely self-sacrificial, altruistic way in initiating and maintaining the “peace process” which involved continual terrorist mass murders of Israelis; and when the peace process inevitably failed (because the Palestinians don’t want peace, they want to destroy Israel), the anti-Semites (and the liberals) say that this proves how greedy and power-mad Israel really is, and how it must act in an even more self-sacrificial way toward the Palestinians.

These evil and perverse indictments will continue, so long as their targets, whether America or Israel, continue to accept their critics’ liberal premises.

Brett A. writes:

Another thing I’ve noticed is how all the high level politicans have chimed in on this one, expressing their shock, despair, outrage, whatever. Where were they when the families in Alabama were killed? Or the senior citizens in North Carolina? Why are they only shocked, etc., when NON-Americans are killed? American politicians care more about foreigners than American citizens. I firmly believe that. No matter what the situation, if an American politician had to choose between the interests of an American constituent or a foreigner, the foreigner would come first.

That goes for the media too. The Alabama and NC shootings fell off the radar after about a day. This one will be news for a while though, after all, immigrants are involved.

LA replies:

But since an immigrant was the killer, the crime has limited appeal to the establishment … unless of course they figure the Chief Zikuski line will play in Peoria.

See Adela G.’s comment in an earlier thread. In fact, I’m going to reproduce it here as well:

Adela G. writes:

Jeff writes: “As an Asian immigrant man, I am sensitive about news like this.”

As a white American, I can assure Jeff that I need to be more sensitive about news like this than he does. The left-wing media spin will see to that. It’s already starting.

Every time there’s a mass shooting in America, whites are blamed regardless of the race of the shooter. If he is white, then it’s white racism and white America’s culture of violence (and love of guns) that caused him to kill people. If he is non-white, then it is white racism and white America’s culture of violence (and love of guns) that he was reacting against, thus causing him to kill people (who really died at the collective blood-stained hands of white America.)

And if Jeff thinks that for an immigrant, “life here in the U.S. can be stressful and challenging,” I can assure him that it’s also quite stressful and challenging for white native-born Americans. Though it may not be politic (or just plain polite) to say so, the influx of immigrants is part of that stress and challenge for Americans. The difference, of course, is the stress and challenge experienced by immigrants in coming to America is voluntarily assumed. Americans have no choice in the matter; involuntary acquiescence is quite stressful and challenging.

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