Air America, the left-wing talk radio station, goes out of business

The station announces:

“Laws have changed for the better thanks to this revival…. but all the same our company cannot escape the laws of economics.”

In response to the crisis in liberal talk radio, a newly formed organization called the Radio Rights Campaign has issued the following statement:

The loss of Air America is an outrage. Basic fairness demands that there be an equal number of liberal talk radio stations and conservative talk radio stations. Therefore we must apply to talk radio the same principle that applies to boys’ and girls’ sports teams under Title IX of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Since there aren’t enough listeners interested in liberal talk radio to maintain a number of liberal stations in existence equal to the number of conservative stations in existence, indeed, since there is not enough interest to maintain any liberal stations at all, the conservative stations must all be shut down. In this great country which we love so much, we can settle for nothing less than full equality.

- end of initial entry -

Mike, who sent the item, writes:

Thanks for posting this. But some kudos should be given to Air America for finally acknowledging the existence of the laws of economics.

Larry T. writes:

Your entry for the Radio Rights Campaign must be a clever parody. In the absence of a bona fide link, you’ve been had, unless you are the author.

LA replies:

I’m the author. In fact I initially wrote it simply as a regular entry, by me. Then after it was up for an hour or two I thought it was so parodic it would work better if it was made into an all-out parody, with the statement written by a leftist group, which I named after the Human Rights Campaign, a leading homosexual rights organization.

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