The African heterosexual AIDS myth

Remember the vast lie about heterosexual AIDS in the 1980s, in which a nation-wide propaganda campaign spread the idea that all people, not just intravenous drug users and homosexuals, were equally at risk of contracting HIV? Remember President Bush’s much more recent proposed $X billion (was it $15 billion?) to fight African AIDS? In fact, the two are connected. As explained in a very troubling symposium at FrontPage Magazine, the heterosexual AIDS myth, when it was shown as a complete lie in America, was simply transferred to Africa, a lie started by the left but now an established dogma across the board. In reality, the HIV virus is transmitted in Africa the same way it is transmitted here—through dirty needles and through anal intercourse. But instead of spending money on those problems, for example, on disposable needles, the U.S. and the whole globalist health establishment have been wasting inconceivable sums on such measures as condom distribution to heterosexual men and women in Africa, even as the disease continues to spread. As one of the participants says: “The main truth is the opposite of the main lie: the truth is that penile-vaginal sex is a very low risk activity for healthy people, even prostitutes. Dishing out condoms and homilies to all and sundry does not save lives.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 04, 2005 01:11 PM | Send

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