The anti-kingdom

Thucydides writes:

I saw some TV footage today of a couple of thugs in Britain stepping off the curb to strike a police car with sticks. The police car turned away, and drove off. Obviously, the criminals have no fear at all of the police. They are confident that the therapeutic state will not employ physical force against them.

Until these thugs have good reason to think that they could suffer severe injury or death from any assault on the police, they will continue with their crimes.

So far, the only effective social response has been vigilantism, seen where Muslims, Kurds, Sikhs, and other groups have banded together to protect their neighborhoods.

LA replies:

This is the Britain created by Tony Blair and carried forward by his successors, a Britain the very essence of which is to be tolerant of—and thus to yield to—every kind of alien and enemy. The motto of this Britain is, “Step over us, we don’t exist.” Of course, the British elite cannot say right out that this is what they stand for; to maintain their legitimacy they have to go through the motions of existing. But the unreality and insincerity of those motions are obvious to anyone who attends to them, who listens to what the elite actually say. Britain is a dead nation, barely pretending that it is still alive.

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