Britain is already under Muslim domination

Adela Gereth writes:

Gates of Vienna posted an entry about the Anglican priest who was beaten (randomly targeted) by “Asian youths”. Andy, a commenter evidently living in somewhere in the UK, posted the following in response. What struck me was how much more frequent such attacks are than I’d been aware (I read at least one British newspaper online daily).

Even worse was his matter-of-fact tone. He’s used to the fact that Christians are undergoing religious persecution by Muslims in a European nation. He’s also used to the fact that his nation is not only not protecting those Christians from such criminals but is deliberately suppressing information that would cast Muslims in a bad light.

I knew it was bad but I had no idea it was this bad.

Here is the comment at Gates of Vienna:

Andy said…

This is a widespread problem now in the UK, and it’s rarely reported in the press.

Every church in my town has been systematically attacked over the last few years. My own church was attacked for the 4th time last Saturday night. There’s nothing left worth stealing and the Moslims know it, so they simply vandalised the place—they smashed doors, chairs, pulpit and crockery. They ripped up the children’s books and picture displays, and “soiled” their store of sweets and biscuits. So, instead of Morning Service we had a cleanup work party instead.

I doubt if even the local papers will report this attack. Over the last four years I’ve only seen two such attacks briefly covered (without mentioning Moslims), and nothing at all in the national media.

I’m most troubled by the unreasonable silence of our denomination’s own papers and magazines. They’re published in London, and are so supine that they never give a clue what we pew-fodder are actually facing from Moslims all over the country. I’m beginning to think that even our non-conformist Church leadership has joined the Christian-hating London elite!

3/17/2008 8:44 AM

LA writes:

What can be said? As Britain is right now, there is nothing and nobody in that Island—no political party, no citizens’ organization, no outstanding individuals, no government entities or leaders, no media organizations, no journalists or columnists—that are standing up against Islamization. Yes, there are people who passionately complain about it, like Melanie Phillips and Leo McKinstry and Peter Hitchens. But what do their complaints come to? See Phillips’s discussion of the beating of Canon Ainsworth in east London by three “Asian” youth.” She has gathered more information on what has been happening to Ainsworth’s church in recent months, the repeated physical attacks and intimidation, combined with the cry, “This should not be a church, this should be a mosque, you should not be here.” At least the Muslims are true to their religion and tradition. What are the British true to? Liberalism! Helplessness! Befuddlement in the face of evil!

And whatever happened to the British National Party, which whatever its faults at least stands for something real, like stopping immigration and removing non-assimilable peoples from Britain? It seems to play no role in the common life of Britain, it seems absorbed in its own internal affairs and struggles.

Britain has already surrendered. Even though there are fewer than two million Muslims in Britain, its future as a subject state of Islam is certain, unless an element of life appears in that Island which is at present entirely absent.

What needs to happen? A group, a political leader, needs to come forward and say: Islam is our enemy. It doesn’t matter that lots of individual Muslims are nice people who wish us no harm, because those Muslims will not stop the Muslims who do mean us harm. Islam is our enemy that seeks our displacement and destruction in our own land, and we must begin treating it accordingly.

As soon as they began to say these things, all the force of liberal opinion would come crashing down upon them. They would be isolated. They might be charged with hate speech. But if they continued to speak, and if others came forward to take their side, then even though the government remained in the hands of the dhimmis and traitors, there would be something alive in Britain, which is not the case at present. And where there is life, there is hope.

Someone mentioned Enoch Powell to me today. Suppose that after Powell was removed from the Tory Shadow Cabinet as a result of his 1968 speech, instead of British politicians like miserably cowards going absolutely silent on immigration for the next 40 years out of fear for their careers, they had stood up and taken Powell’s side, not using his needlessly emotional language about the “River Tiber flowing with much blood,” but saying firmly and clearly that continued Islamic immigration would mean the Islamization of Britain, and that this must be stopped. Suppose a couple more had lost their posts, but suppose more had spoken up. What then? The destroy-Britain orthdoxy couldn’t have silenced the whole country of Britain, if the British people led by leaders had kept saying that they wanted the immigration to be stopped and reversed.

And that is what is needed now. People need to stand up and say that Islam is a threat to Britain and that its increase in Britain must be stopped and reversed. Such people would be attacked. Some would lose their jobs. Some would be charged with hate speech. But if others, including people in influential positions, came to their side and said they were right, the movement to save-Britain could not be silenced. All it takes is that enough people have the conviction that it’s right, and the courage to say it, and Britain could start to come back from the precipice instead of rushing toward it.

- end of initial entry -

Harry the Horse writes:

This is regarding your last paragraph about who is needed in Britain.

I can’t help but imagine this as the traditional role of a strong Christian male (and those that he inspires). Liberalism has even poisoned the process of developing role models for such a crisis. Faced with responding to the testosterone-laden savagery of Muslims, the effete, Western Male is content to remain feminized and Godless, as he sips his Oleander Tea into oblivion.

Adela Gereth writes:

There is an English blogger, Lionheart, who’s speaking out against the Muslim presence in the UK. He was threatened with arrest recently for inciting racial hatred on his blog. From the little I’ve read of it, he seems filled not so much with racial hate as with dread for his country’s future; he explicitly rejects the white supremacists, neo-Nazis and skinheads. He seems sincere if naive.

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