Swiss Catholic church displays Nativity scene consisting of minarets

This photo was sent by Tiberge, who chronicles the decline and Islamization of France at her blog Galliawatch (also see her full-length 12-26 article expanding on her e-mail):


Tiberge writes:

I received this picture in an e-mail and I was sure it was PhotoShopped. But it turns out that it’s real. The Sacre-Coeur de Bellinzona church in Switzerland is displaying it as a “work of art” by two artists—Matteo Casoni and Letizia Fontana—as part of a larger display of nativity scenes. The two say they wanted to make people think about other religions. The idea came to them after the Swiss vote on minarets. The priest of the church approved the display, saying: “We accept all creations. The only requirement is that they be of a certain artistic level … the fact that a cradle with minarets is in a Franciscan church only reinforces the message of peace and dialogue.”

Another thing: the Bible and the Koran are displayed side by side, with presumably parallel quotations.

I’ll post an article on this later tonight or tomorrow.

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Larry G. writes:

“The two say they wanted to make people think about other religions.”

OK. Those minarets look like rows of ballistic missiles to me. And they seem to be threatening to destroy Christianity, symbolized by the Christ child. So the message I take from the display is that Islam has Europeans surrounded, and intends to destroy them, with nuclear weapons if necessary.

What do you think of my interpretation?

LA replies:

I had exactly the same thought. They looked like ballistic missiles to me. I hadn’t spelled out in my mind the further message that you see in the missile-like minarets, but it makes sense.

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