We’ve made Muslims our guardians

Muslims aren’t just officers in the U.S. armed forces, in which position no one reports them when they openly support jihad terrorism, a failure to act that leaves them at liberty to commit mass murder against U.S. soldiers. Muslims are installed in the highest level of our national security apparatus. As reported at Atlas Shrugs, Arif Alikhan, a U.S. born son of Pakistani immigrants, was appointed last June as assistant secretary of the Homeland Security Department, to the cheers of the radical Muslim organization CAIR. In his previous position, as a deputy mayor of Los Angeles in charge of public safety, Alikhan was instrumental in stopping a Muslim “mapping” plan that had been put in place by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Under liberalism, as soon as the society recognizes the existence of a non-Western enemy and begins to oppose him, as happened after the 9/11 attack, the society simultaneously begins reaching out to that non-Western enemy more than it has ever done before, in order to show that it is not bigoted against him. Thus the more dangerous the non-Western enemy becomes, and the more measures that are put in place against him, the greater the compensatory gestures toward that enemy that must also be put in place. The more of a threat he is, and the more we fight him, the more we must empower him.

It is useless to keep criticizing our suicidally liberal society in the hopes that it will change direction on its own. The liberalism is too deeply embedded, in every institution and in the minds of the elite and the people, for that to happen. Short of some catastrophic event, or a collapse of our economic system, or our surrender to a non-Western enemy, liberal society will not change. Liberal society is doomed, along with the liberal belief system that dooms it. But until that doom occurs, the belief system will remain in place. What is needed is a new, organized voice that stands outside the existing mainstream society, challenges its liberal presuppositions, shows their suicidal nature, and offers a radically different course.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 10, 2009 03:55 PM | Send

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