Hitler learns that World Cup officials will not bar the vuvuzela

While the previous “Hitler in the Bunker” YouTube parodies, based on the climactic scene of the 2004 movie Downfall starring Bruno Ganz, have been blocked by the movie’s copyright owners, here’s a new one that’s just been posted. In my opinion, nothing, nothing could match the brilliance of “Hitler Finds out Scott Brown Won Massachusetts Senate Seat” (a video that was written and posted within a half day of the event), because Brown’s election represented (or seemed to represent at the time) the decisive defeat of Obama’s main legislative initiative, and thus the defeat of his presidency—a dramatic downfall that fit the intense drama of Hitler’s learning that he had lost the war. But still, Hitler’s finding out that his beloved World Cup is going to be ruined by the vuvuzela, and his realization that the unbearable noise will be made even worse by the seven speaker surround-sound system he has just purchased to watch the tournament, is pretty funny too. But you’d better watch it soon, as it will probably be gone within a couple of days.

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Robert S. writes:

You have to love this self-referential one: “Hitler reacts to the Hitler parodies being removed from YouTube.” It’s well done.

Bill Carpenter writes:

Here is my favorite YouTube Hitler-in-Bunker parody.

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