How Huffington Post generates page views

In a piece at Slate about AOL’s $315 million purchase of Huffington Post, Jack Shafer provides some interesting insights into the way Huffington Post creates its articles (I wasn’t familiar with the term SEO, or search engine optimized), but beyond that, he doesn’t help us understand what the purchase means or how Huffington’s left-wing web magazine will be integrated with an internet service provider.

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Nik S. writes:

First of all, AOL is living off the rotting carcasses of people who are too lazy to change their e-mail address and/or internet service provider. AOL has been irrelevant for years. The purchase of The Huffington Post is yet another nail in AOL’s coffin.

Secondly, I remember Arianna when she was married to Michael Huffington, a Republican who in 1994 ran for Senate only two years after winning a House seat in the district where I live (Santa Barbara County). Mr. Huffington lost his Senate campaign, and shortly thereafter Arianna divorced her (Republican) husband and proceeded to become a beacon for the far left. She married a rich man and was apparently not at all bothered by the fact that he ran as a Republican. Then, after his defeat, she promptly proceeded to divorce him. Having seen Arianna back when she was a nobody, it’s almost scary to see how high she has risen, because frankly she is loony. Check out Ptolemy Tompkins’s Paradise Fever. It is a memoir written by a guy with uber-hippy parents; in one of the later chapters he has an expose of Arianna and all of her crazy gurus and everything else.

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