A Randian who recognizes that Islam and nonwhite immigration represent a threat to America’s culture and its liberty

Madmax is the interesting Randian commenter who denounces me as a disgusting racist, but who keeps being drawn despite his Randian principles to my views of the Islam problem and the immigration problem. He wrote yesterday at a Randian website, New Clarion:

The Ground Zero Mosque is not an easy case. I can see Objectivists being divided on this for legitimate reasons. Applications of Objectivism to difficult subjects like war, how to deal with Islam, immigration, etc are not easy. In today’s egalitarian Leftist world characterized by its ruthless commitment to moral relativism, we will never be able to defend ourselves against Islam. Also, this blog post talks about “No Go” zones. We already have those and they aren’t Islamic. They are black and Hispanic. We’ll get the Islamic ones too in time. The United States is on its way to looking like Brazil.

In its current state, America cannot defend itself against Islam and it cannot assimilate its immigrants and therefore perpetuate the best parts of its cultural legacy. Once the demographics change to the point where Americans of European descent are less than 50% of the total population, there will be no going back.

This country is living on borrowed time. Celebrating the 4th of July is in many ways a pointless pursuit. The America of the Founding Fathers is dead. ObamaCare was its official deathknell. Tough to be positive these days.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 05, 2010 01:11 PM | Send

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