A music video about beta males

Tom S. writes:

I have been reading the Roissyism collection on your blog and thought you might find video this fascinating. [LA warns: the video is distasteful.]

It is an “artistic” representation of what has happened to beta males. I find it spectacularly, unintentionally accurate; it’s the complete end-game of PC feminism.

Try to watch from the beginning and listen to the lyrics, but if you can’t make it through the whole song (the imagery is creepy and pathetic) skip to 2:50. The body language of the woman reminds me of the travel advertisement photo you posted.

I am a young man in a very liberal city and my female coworkers love this song, yet when they tell me about their own relationships with men like “Gotye” they complain about their neediness and lack of assertiveness.

Meanwhile I just try to be my own semi-traditionalist island in a sea of insanity, always polite but never subservient, and they seem to adore me for it. Obviously the lifestyle of a PC-feminist world is incompatible with women’s own biology, not to mention the damage it does to men.

I have uncles and great uncles in rural America who would almost certainly be “beta” males in my city, but instead they have been happily married from a young age and are wonderful and productive members of their communities. Instead of betas, I think they are the true gentlemen in the literal sense of the term “gentle man.” There is nothing wrong with that, but if they had grown up here, my guess is that their sensitivity would be overwhelmed by feminist aggression and they would end up as helpless and unlovable as Gotye.

I am not close to 30 yet. Thank you for providing clarity on your blog. This nugget from the Roissyism thread is invaluable:

“The most important non-physical qualities a woman can have are charm and kindness. These qualities are non existent in feminists and pretty much disappeared in 30 year old women with a busload of previous sexual partners.”

I think this advice from my father says essentially the same thing: “Marry a woman with whom you would feel comfortable raising a child with Down syndrome.” Not that it’s going to happen, but the qualities needed for such a difficult scenario are the ones you want regardless.

LA replies:

As I began watching the video, my first thought was, We’re familiar with low talkers. Now we have low singers!

However, regarding the beta male idea, it seems that he’s the one dumping her, not the other way around.

- end of initial entry -

Tom S. replies:

My interpretation was that he was like George Costanza trying to gain “hand” in the relationship by threatening a breakup, except in this case it backfired because she called his bluff by ignoring him while he still loved her.

Aaron S. writes:

That video was rather distasteful. By point of contrast, note that the common run of men—even musicians—once understood the indignities of post-breakup “friendship” and responded accordingly.

Men like Hazlewood ate “Gotye”s for breakfast.

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