Politico’s garbage journalism

Andrew McCarthy takes apart Politico’s Jonathan Martin for his outrageously partisan and dishonest reporting on (or should I say, his creation of) the Cain sexual “harassment” imbroglio. Partisan, because his record suggests that he would never have published such a damaging yet vague story about a Democrat. Dishonest, because Martin knows who the source of the story is, yet he is withholding that information, while allowing various conflicting charges to fly around which he is in a position to resolve, but which he declines to resolve, by continuing to withhold the truth.

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Jim C. writes:

Politico is a typical leftie publication, and I’m pretty sure it’s owned by the liberal Newsweek.

LA replies:

My impression has been that Politico is mildly left-center but generally tries to be fair and impartial. I would definitely not have called it a typical leftie publication—prior to this.

Jim C. writes:

Just scanned the site—looks like you’re right again.

Timothy A. writes:

What makes Andrew McCarthy’s take down of Jonathan Martin even more admirable is that Martin used to be a political reporter for National Review. I imagine it would have been easier (in a “don’t rock the boat” sense) for McCarthy just to keep quiet, especially since he is not a
Cain supporter.

LA replies:

In the Corner entry linked by Timothy, “Rich” Lowry writes:

Michael, for the record, Jonathan Martin is a “warmed-over hack” from NR (and a friend of mine, although I haven’t talked to him since the story broke).

It’s funny that Lowry should say this, since he himself is not even a warmed-over hack from NR.


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