Lynching was not without rational cause, moral justification, and beneficial results

(Note: Regarding the meaning of this entry, see my explanatory note below.)

Regarding the Anne Pressley case, which will air on 20/20 tonight, Mark Jaws writes:

Few people—even in this forum—will say it, but I will. When I see black savagery being inflicted on white women, I yearn for the days of lynch justice. As cruel and unjust as it appears today, those white mobs at least seemed to keep the black savages of yesteryear in line.

December 6

Mark Jaws continues:

Thanks for posting my comment. The white lynch mobs, while brutal by the standards of today, targeted black perpetrators of ghastly crimes. From 1880 to 1950 approximately 3300 blacks were lynched—most of them probably guilty of the crimes they were punished for. White lynch mobs took the lives of approximately 50 blacks per year. That is not exactly what I would call an epidemic.

However, just in the past 40 years blacks have murdered approximately 30,000 whites, the overwhelmingly vast majority of whom, were innocent victims of unprovoked black criminal savagery. We also have 100 white women a day being sexually assaulted by black men. Yes, we whites do indeed have good reason to fear the black criminal savage. The sad truth is that an unhealthy percentage of blacks seethe with blind hatred against the white race, and anyone who has had the misfortune of having experienced life with inner-city blacks, as I did for 22 years, knows that fact all too well.

Mark Jaws writes:

I think we on the Racialist Right need to point out the extent of black criminal savagery more often. The undeniably improvident past and present behavior of blacks and brown skinned Hispanics is the Achilles’ Heel of the liberal establishment. They cannot deny the facts, and nor can they effectively excuse monger it to oblivion. It is real and it is menacing. And everyone knows it.

John L. writes:

I had the same thought that Mr. Jaws expresses when I finished reading your famous article on interracial rape at FrontPage Magazine and compared it with the numbers on lynching which I had just recently learned.

“Roughly 3000 white-on-black summary executions over 80 years then versus 35,000 black-on-white rapes EVERY year now,” I mused. “They didn’t mention those numbers when we read ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. Kinda casts a different light on the morality of the whole issue.”

LA replies:

In my article, based on DOJ figures, I wrote:

In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man…

Note: it says sexually assaulted or raped. The term “sexual assault” has extremely indeterminate meaning and throws enormous confusion into the issue. Often it used by brain-dead reporters simply as a synonym for rape. More generally it means a range of non-consensual behaviors that fall short of rape, or, alternatively, a range of non-consensual behaviors that include rape. There’s no way to tell for sure what the term means without checking each usage and each jurisdiction’s definition.

LA writes:

To avoid misunderstanding my intent in posting this entry, please note that neither I nor Mark Jaws were advocating that anyone be lynched. In the title of this piece I did not approve lynching; I said that lynching was not without reason, and not without good effects. Here’s the gist of what I meant. What does a white majority do to protect itself when it lives cheek by jowl with a black minority many members of which are very primitive and violent and ready at the drop of a hat to rape and kill majority members? Lynching was the one of the ways the majority protected itself. Yes, lynching itself, in addition to being illegal, had a primitive and savage character that was disgusting, and undoubtedly innocent blacks were tortured and murdered. But most of the blacks lynched were guilty, and the savage method used by the majority against them undoubtedly had the effect of terrorizing many other black potential rapists and murderers away from rape and murder and saved an untold number of white people’s lives.

Compare that to post-’60s America, when blacks commit one savage crime against whites after another and this is not even noticed. There is an ongoing race war by elements of the black population against whites in this country and the whites in their terminal blandness don’t acknowledge it, let alone defend themselves from it. So when Mark Jaws, looking on this nightmare, says he “yearns” for the days of lynching when whites protected themselves, that in my view is an understandable reaction to the moral horror of the present. It is not, as I understand it, a literal call to bring back lynching. If Mark had said that he favored bringing back lynching I would not have posted his comment.

Mark Jaws replies:

Thanks, LA. You described my sentiments perfectly. Lynching (usually accompanied by castration) was an evil perpetuated by whites to strike fear in the hearts of black rapists and murderers—and it worked. What we have now, however, is far worse, morally and physically, with more innocent white people being killed by hate-filled, vicious black thugs in five years than all the blacks lynched in Jim Crow America. In a sane and more orderly world, white people would have the right to self-segregate and keep blacks out of their communities, as there are simply too many bad apples among the black population. As I tend to say things which others only think about, I believe a lot more liberal white journalists will have to be killed by blacks before the media stops covering up for this widespread anti-white infatada.

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