Obama’s true self?

Obama is half white, and grew up among whites, but he has a facial expression never seen before in a U.S. president: the classic facial expression of the black despot:

Obama%20with%20despotic%20expression.jpg <>
In this connection, my 2006 review of Henry Louis Gates’s PBS program, “African-American Lives,” showing what blacks think about America, may be relevant.

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Jonah O. writes:

I must say I don’t find the Obama photo terribly convincing as the image of a black despot. I think this image may only work with people who are already highly predisposed to dislike the idea of black people in leadership positions. I am generally in agreement with the traditionalist view of black crime and illegitimacy, but I do not extend it to their physiognomies.

Traditional values and culture works for everyone. Traditional values are survival values.

LA replies:

Have you ever seen a U.S. president with such a facial expression—the arrogance, the impatient, bullying look, the lips pursed in disdain?

Do you not see that there is something new here?

And I wasn’t referencing his physiognomy, but his expression.

Jonah O. replies:
I suppose he does look somewhat imperious—but in these days of video news, you can always catch someone with a weird looking expression in freezeframe. [LA replies: that would be a valid point, if this were the only time Obama looked like that. But he often looks like that.]

The thing here is that it is difficult to connect a strong antipathy towards black people with the universal claims of Christianity—but many commenters on trad. sites seem to find this easy.

LA replies:

Once you have described my statements about blacks as “antipathy towards black people,” thus reducing my critical stance toward black America to the level of immoral race prejudice, you have eliminated the possibility of a truthful, realistic discussion of race relations and of a realistic response to America’s race problems.

Here is the reality: Organized black America (not all blacks as individuals, but black America as represented through recognized leaders and black organizations) is virulently hostile to white America. It falsely claims that all of blacks’ disadvantages and poorer performance are due to white racist oppression of blacks, and therefore that whites owe it to blacks to transfer their wealth and other goods to them to raise blacks up to whites’ socio-economic level, and also that whites must not identify or defend themselves from the ongoing intifida of black on white violence.

Obama formed himself psychologically and politically by identifying himself with this black anti-white mentality, and he is plainly carrying it forward and expressing it in all kinds of ways.

So now please tell me: how can one speak honestly about the reality of this black anti-white mentality and agenda without, in your words, expressing “antipathy” toward blacks?

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