Whites continue to be murdered and maimed because of liberal America’s teaching that whites oppress blacks

Nkosi Thadiwe shot three young white women in downtown Atlanta in 2011, killing one, paralyzing another, and wounding a third. (See VFR’s earlier coverage.) Now it turns out that he was motivated by his college courses which told him that whites by enslaving and oppressing blacks are the source of evil. Yet at the same time, his lawyers are bizarrely seeking to combine this open confession of anti-white motives with an insanity defense. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a piece on the trial, and Paul Kersey comments.

As I wrote following another racially motivated black-on-white mass shooting in 1993:

[Colin Ferguson] was only taking to its final conclusion the paranoid message that has become an article of faith for all too many blacks in this country: that all of their problems and failures are caused by white racism….

White liberals and mainstream institutions, far from disabusing blacks of this poisonous suspicion of whites, have encouraged it….

[T]he real institutional racism in this country is the systematic message—put out by the schools, the mass media, and the whole liberal culture—that whites, and the civilization they have created, are essentially evil.

Should it be any surprise, then, that many blacks take this message to heart?…

Thus, while liberals see the massacre on the Long Island Rail Road as a further argument for gun control, they continue to ignore the real gun control problem in this country: that it is the liberals themselves who have helped place the loaded gun of racial hatred and vengeance in the hands of blacks. And when a black fires that gun, the liberals, with a philosophical shrug, call the act “unfathomable.”

Or they call it “random” or “senseless” or “insane” or a white person being “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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