Threat against blacks at Ohio college

A college in Ohio is in full-scale alert mode over a message that was found scrawled on a bathroom wall saying that blacks at the school would be killed on February 2. Naturally neither the college nor the AP story makes any reference to the innumerable “white racist hate messages” in recent years that turned out to be concocted by blacks.

Indeed, these staged white “hate messages” have become a fixture in our culture, particularly at our so-called institutions of higher learning, and they follow a pre-set pattern. First, the anti-black hate message is discovered, typically on a dormitory room door or faculty office door. Next, the community goes into hysteria, with demonstrations, candlelight vigils, speeches by the administration, and police and FBI agents flooding the campus looking for the white racist. Next, holes in the story appear, and police begin doubting the person who reported the hate crime. Next, the black student or faculty member who “discovered” the racist message admits that he or she was the one who penned the note, and is duly arrested. Next, the incident is flushed down the memory hole. Next, a few months later a similar “white racist hate message” incident occurs at some other school, and the whole cycle starts again, without anyone—least of all whites—pointing to all the previous such incidents that turned out to be hoaxes perpetrated by blacks.

Why does this recurrent pattern never get noticed, not only by mainstream liberal media, but even by mainstream “conservative” media? For the same reason that black on white violence is never discussed. Mainstream white conservatives have at least tacitly accepted the liberal axiom that it’s racist for white people even to think of themselves as being white in any way that matters. The very notion of a white race, or of white America, or of whiteness, cannot be formed in the white mind, except insofar as whites are understood to be a uniquely guilty group who because of their guilt have no right ever to judge or criticize nonwhites. Thus the notion of white victimization by blacks also cannot be formed in the white mind.

In this entry is a partial list of such fake hate crimes Here are other entries at VFR on this subject.

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