Boehner’s unexpected eloquence; Krauthammer’s expected predictions of conservative defeat

Over the years John Boehner has often struck me as both odd and plastic. But in his speech tonight in the House he was passionate and sincere and he said strong things that went well beyond the usual GOP talking points to the large issues. He came across like a leader, and you could see that the Republicans were delighted and energized by his speech, as if sensing that they now stand for a righteous cause and are destined to overpower the socialist party now in power.

Meanwhile, on Fox News, Charles Krauthammer, the “conservative” pundit of conservative defeat and hopelessness, declared in his gravely authoritative manner that the health care bill will “never be repealed,” period. He doesn’t know this, and he can’t know it. Who needs “conservatives” like Krauthammer undermining us from within, right in the middle of a battle for our freedom and our country?

Here is an axiom you can take to the bank: all neocons without exception ultimately counsel surrender to the left whom they pretend to oppose. Yes, they can be useful in discrete areas, but they never, ever truly fight the left, because they themselves are to a great extent liberals. Indeed they are ardent proponents of the policies that allow the left to take over. Take the issue of immigration. Without the huge increase in the Hispanic and other nonwhite populations in this country that has been brought about by the mass non-European immigration of the last forty years that Krauthammer and all the neocons staunchly support, Obama would not have been elected president. Do you think that little fact has ever occurred to Krauthammer? Unlikely. But if you pointed it out to him, his answer would doubtless be along the lines that diversity is an irresistible force and that America is destined to become a European-style, socialist country in any case, a view he has repeatedly expressed.

While he did not make that specific point tonight, he did say that the health care reform legislation will so increase health care costs that we will have to adopt a European style national sales tax to pay for them. Ah, yes, let’s become like Italy, where the value added tax makes ordinary consumer goods so expensive that Italians make special trips to New York, not to visit as tourists, but to buy consumer goods at reasonable prices. So let’s become like Italy. In short, Krauthammer does not say that the health care bill and its consequences are a disaster and that we must fight it for all we’re worth. He declares gloomily that this is what’s happening, and in both his tone and his words he tells us that there’s nothing to be done about it.

If conservatives cannot get Fox News and other media to use truth in packaging about Krauthammer and stop calling him a conservative, then at the least let us see the truth about him—that he is a universalist liberal; that he supports homosexual “marriage,” abortion, and sexual liberationism; and that he wants all guns taken away from Americans so that we become like the “civilized” countries of Canada and England. Instead of Krauthammer in alliance with liberals disarming us, how about us disarming him? Whenever we see him holding forth on TV, let us mentally put a sign in front of him saying, “Charles Krauthammer, Social Liberal,” so that he cannot, under the guise of being a conservative, insinuate, like Grima Wormtongue, his liberal counsels of defeat and surrender into our brains.

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