Fjordman’s recommendations for the West

Fjordman has an article at Gates of Vienna offering his proposals on what the West needs to do to restore its culture and resist the encroachments of Islam. I haven’t read it yet, but presumably Fjordman’s suggestions bear a somewhat closer relationship to reality than Mark Steyn’s proposal that the West—or, rather, America, since Steyn has written off Europe as lost—should set about outbreeding the Muslims, while continuing to ignore Muslim immigration.

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Carl Simpson writes:

Fjordman is squarely in league with yourself, Diana West, Hugh Fitzgerald, and (curiously)—the self-described “Christian Libertarian” Vox Day (whose real name is Theodore Beale). Rollback, Isolate, Contain and Divide. Fjordman also make another point that we’ve been making for a long time at VFR: We won’t be able to deal seriously with Islam until significant numbers of the Western populace have had a “road to Damascus” experience—with the scales of liberalism falling from their eyes.

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