The latest on Weiner

Having earlier backed off my determination to keep VFR an Anthony Weiner-free zone, I cannot refrain from reporting the latest. today posts this story from the Wall Street Journal: “Weiner: It’s Possible Lewd Photo Is of Him.” I’d say that eventually he is going to admit that he also sent the photo.

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James N. writes:

I have no interest in Weinergate, even as a symbol of civilizational decline—but Ann Coulter’s quip in her Human Events column that his case would have to be settled in “small claims” court was too good to go unnoticed.

LA replies:

You say you have no interest in Weinergate (just as I initially said that I had no interest in it), but you can’t resist a good pun, and Weinergate is 80 percent about puns.

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