A magnificent response to the attack on me at 4W

Yesterday Gintas told me that Steve Burton at What’s Wrong with the World, after taking a stiff drink to get over the trauma caused by my exposing his smear of me for what it was (see this and this by me at WWWW, and see also this VFR entry for the comment I sent to WWWW explaining the BNP’s transformation which Burton spiked), had launched a new entry entitled “The trouble with Larry.” I said I had already had enough of Burton and wouldn’t look at it. But I’ve just received this. Harry Horse writes:

Dean nails it, in the comments of the thread at WWWW:

“I simply can’t understand why you do this…”

Here’s why he does it. We in the West have watched as our nations have been relentlessly undermined from within and without by leftists seeking our destruction. These enemies have boldly and explicitly stated their malevolent intentions while justifying it with a list of our supposed crimes of racism, sexism, homophobia, inequality, imperialism, war-mongering, environment-destroying capitalism, et cetera. Our enemies are now carrying out the death sentence pronounced against us.

And yet somehow—strangely, bizarrely, weirdly, shockingly—we Westerners have not taken fright at this explicit enemy, have not risen up in fury to smash it, have not sounded the alarm, manned the defenses and taken the obvious actions needed to save ourselves. How can that be? Even an American President calls Islam a religion of peace—Islam, a religion explicitly dedicated in theory and practice for 1400 years to conquering and enslaving all the infidels of the world. How can this be? What is going on? Is this the Twilight Zone? Who can simply understand it?

Lawrence Auster has understood this problem to be caused by the underlying liberal assumptions of the vast majority of Westerners, even those ostensibly posing as conservatives. The reason liberals and conservatives have been ineffectual at countering our leftist enemies, the reason we remain morally paralyzed and incapable of effective defense, is that we share certain basic moral premises with leftists—all people are equal”, and “discrimination is wrong”, being two of the most paralyzing.

Mr. Auster has tirelessly pointed out how this works in the case of our supposed conservative defenders such as Steyn, Phillips, Hitchens, Horowitz, Spencer, Frum, et cetera, the list is long. They note the problem, they see the problem, they watch the problem, they complain endlessly about the problem… but they propose no plan of action (or ineffectual ones) to stop the problem and reverse the problem. To the problem of liberal paralysis their solution is: more liberalism. To clearly and loudly call for a ban on Muslim immigration and an exodus of Muslims from the West would be to deny the liberal god of non-discrimination, and cast the blasphemer to hell.

That is why we steadily lose. And the stakes are staggering. Not just peace and prosperity, but the continued existence of entire Western peoples, their nations, their religions, their race, hangs in the balance. The trouble with Larry is that he finds this weighing more heavily than the delicate feelings of our supposed conservative defenders. Under the circumstances, he’s been exceedingly temperate and reasonable in carefully and patiently explaining his views. I find them persuasive. I think that if more of us listen to what he is saying, and think it through, we stand a better chance of effectively defending ourselves while at the same time preserving all that is good and beautiful and true about our civilization.

Posted by Dean Ericson | June 14, 2009 5:23 AM

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