The latest charge from the Spencer camp: I am attempting a “holocaust” of Robert Spencer

Adela G. writes:

I’ve just noticed this from two days ago at the GoV thread, by “awake”:

… Knowing damn well who I am, since he posted several e-mail exchanges from me on his blog, while simultaneously assuring his readers that he blocked them, in his attempted holocaust against Robert Spencer, he chose here, more than a week after the last foray, to throw in another dig, directly aimed at me, in all of Auster’s sole self-perceived, subtleness.

Now you are attempting a “holocaust” against Spencer. If I needed any further proof that GoV is a nest of whacked-out liberals—!

Frankly, I see no difference between this nonsense and the junk posted at Huffington Post or Daily Kos. It’s the same vicious and irrational MO—attack someone for writing something he never wrote. It makes no sense at all and has no place in civil discourse.

I’m not even sure any attempt to set the record straight is worth the bother.

LA replies:

Well, it only stands to reason that I am attempting to commit a holocaust against Spencer, since I am, as Spencer himself put it, seeking the ascendancy of Austerism over the West, And a party who wants to be the dictator over a whole civilization must eliminate his enemies, right? And since Spencer and his supporters (whom Spencer has done nothing to restrain, to the contrary he urges them on) see me as Spencer’s ultimate enemy, it therefore stands to reason that I seek to liquidate Spencer in the dread gas chambers of AUSTERWITZ.

Meanwhile, Baron Bodissey allows his site to be used by these complete cranks. What a disgrace. Two days ago, I pointed out to Bodissey that “awake” had said this to Erich at the GoV thread:

So, all talk and no action. I expect ConSwede will shove that statement upp your arse with a cnadle on it.

I said to Bodissey that I would never allow such language at my site. Bodissey replied:

Yes, you have tighter controls than I do. I try to let things go for a while, and nail the door shut only when they get out of hand. Sometimes the best ideas come from the threads that are just a little bit edgy and over the top.

Apparently the unending stream of vitriol, abuse, and wacko charges in that thread, aimed mainly at one person, does not strike Bodissey as being “out of hand.”

And let us recall that not only Bodissey, but Spencer, has no problem with “awake,” a.k.a. Mike Slumber, as I explained on July 13:

… Spencer is on intimate terms with Slumber. They are a team, sharing an endless number of e-mails together (55 sent to me in three days last week and about an equal number to Erich), and agreeing with each other on every aspect of the affair.

Thus in the July 7 Jihad Watch thread where this whole dispute started, “Honor killing in Clayton County, Georgia,” in a comment directed at “anonymous,” who both “awake” (Mike Slumber) and Spencer believed was Erich, awake wrote:

You can respond to Robert’s supporting evidence as soon as you finish collecting your teeth off the floor.

We’ll be waiting, patiently.

Posted by: awake at July 7, 2008 2:49 PM

Seven minutes later, Spencer wrote to “awake:


I doubt we will hear from Erich again, but maybe he will surprise us with some integrity.

Robert Spencer
Posted by: jihadwatch at July 7, 2008 2:56 PM

So Spencer not only had no problem with a commenter at his website using such brutal violent language against another commenter, but he rushed to express solidarity with Slumber in their common cause against the evil Erich. Erich deserved (metaphorically) to have his teeth kicked out, because, by Slumber and Spencer’s lights, he lacked “integrity.” The Slumber-Spencer team, reinforced in their common endeavor, then proceeded to bombard me with abusive and bullying e-mails, in one of which Spencer called me “the lowest form of character assassin.”

Now let’s think. I just quoted Spencer calling me “the lowest form of character assassin.” In the world according to my adversaries, the fact that I quoted Spencer saying this is the decisive proof that I am the lowest form of character assassin. Indeed, it’s the proof that I am attempting to subject him to a holocaust.

Is there any adult in the anti-jihad circle who will tell Spencer to call off his dogs? Apparently not.

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