The Obama trauma

To get an amazing sampling of left-of-center opinion on Obama and the health care bill in the context of the Brown-Coakley race, go to the Sam Stein article at Huffington Post that I linked the other day and peruse the comments (there are many hundreds of them). The commenters represent every position you can think of, and maybe some you can’t: “progressives” who want Scott Brown to win because they hate the health care bill with its mandates and no public option; liberals who desperately, with agonizing sincerity, cry out that everything will be lost if Brown wins; Democrats who liked and voted for Obama and have now turned against him and oppose the health care bill—not for the reasons the progressives oppose it, but for the same reasons the rest of it oppose it, as a frightening, horrible mess; Republicans throwing in the knives; Republicans holding the fort; and maybe some other types as well. The main impression I took away from the discussion is how many liberals and leftists now dislike their once and erstwhile messiah.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 17, 2010 08:10 PM | Send

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