The true thinking of the left

Harry Belafonte, being interviewed on MSNBC by Al Sharpton (who barely seems able to speak coherently—the aged Belafonte speaks much better), said that the American people “in their maturity” have shown that they want to go in the direction that Barack Obama wants, but that in the middle of this, there is still an “infestation” of people who oppose Obama’s agenda and want to cut entitlements. Therefore, Belafonte continues, Obama should “act like a third-world dictator” and imprison his opponents who are standing in the way of the desires of the American people.

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Richard O. writes:

Woody Allen made a similar remark. He thinks that Obama should be given dictatorial powers. That fool down in North Carolina, Gov. Beverly Perdue, advocated skipping an election so Congress can be “unencumbered” by voters. Obama adviser and CEO of General Electric, Jeff Immelt, thinks that Communism works.

You’d think Allen’s Jewish heritage would sensitize him to the dangers of dictatorship, but that is not the case. If a politician has the right values, then to these sage observers there can only be a positive outcome if limits on his power are removed. He can “get things done,” see? No more needless debate and having to explain yourself to retarded citizens. Unbridled intelligence and knowing how to conjugate French irregular verbs will solve any problem if the vulgar can just be bypassed. Streamlining. Efficiency. The clear vision of the anointed. That’s the way to go. The horrors of state excess in the last century are nothing to these people. Institutional and legal restraints are meaningless impediments to realization of the liberal agenda.

I think a lot about the Yiddish proverb: “Send a fool to close a window and he’ll close them all over town.” Is the Belafonte Social Improvement Agenda not moving forward fast enough because of the objections of morons? Why then, a stint in a concentration camp for them is just the thing. That worked out well last time. The blindness of these people to the simplest lessons taught by the history of the last 200 years is stupefying. It’s as though it never happened.

Jews cry, “Never again.” But some among us want it again. Right now.

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