O’Donnell was a teenager when she dabbled

Christine O’Donnell says she was in high school was she “dabbled” in witchcraft.” Unfortunately, the news article—or her speech that the news article is reporting—gives no further details, which are obviously needed. Still, assuming this is true, what is left of the Big Scandal Which Has Ended Christine O’Donnell’s Career? And what is left of the reputation of the GOP bigwigs who authoritatively declared that this talented and promising conservative candidate was finished, all on the basis of some incomplete fragment of a story?

* * *

Meanwhile, curious to know what other conservative commentators were saying about the issue, I did a Google search for

“Christine O’Donnell” witchcraft

The top eight results were, in this order: yahoo.com, foxnews.com, newscred,com, longislandpress.com, abcnews.go.com, tunedin.blogs.time.com, mediaite.com, and washingtontimes.com.

The ninth result was amnation.com.

The most-read eight web pages on this issue are all at corporate news sites. The entry at VFR, a one person blog, has more readers on this issue than any other blog and more than lots of corporate news sites as well.

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