February 26, 2012: the pre-history

Earlier today two readers linked and quoted “George Zimmerman: Prelude to a Shooting,” Reuters’ article on Zimmerman’s background and the events at the Retreat at Twin Lakes in the period preceding his confrontation with Trayvon Martin. I’ve now read the article. It is dynamite. There is more in it that can be summarized. Let’s just say that it establishes the entire context for the events of February 26: the wave of burglaries by blacks (including a break-in by two men into a house while the woman of the house hid in terror from them) which had put the Twin Lakes community in fear; and an incident in which Zimmerman spotted a known burglar and called 911, but the police took so long arriving that the man got away. That was why Zimmerman was so aggressive in following Martin. That was why he said to the 911 dispatcher, “These assholes, they always get away”—a remark converted by the media into the fumings of a hopped-up racist set on killing blacks.

One of the lessons to be derived from this important article is this: the more society is threatened by black criminals, the more society is condemned as “racist” for trying to defend itself from black criminals. Also known as Auster’s First Law of Majority-Minority Relations in Liberal Society (see “Clarifying the First Law”). George Zimmerman, symbolically and culturally a white man, and the target of a national lynch mob unparalleled in historic memory, is perhaps the biggest victim of the First Law that has yet been seen.

Chris Francescani of Reuters is to be praised for writing this article. The fact that a news agency which is normally a source of pure leftist bilge has published this piece is perhaps a sign that the propaganda campaign against Zimmerman has been so egregious, so evil, that even the left-wing media are recognizing it and are now starting to bring out the truth.

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Brandon F. writes:

Most people know blacks love pit bulls. The name of the dog, Big Boi, makes it even more likely owned by a black as that is the name of a rapper.

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