Anti-Semites: the evil and stupid party

In a recent entry I wrote:

[T]he anti-Semites / white nationalists are concerned about the Third-Worldization of the West. So what are they going to do about it? Nothing. They’re going to direct all their energy against the Jews, based on the belief that once the Jews are destroyed, all the West’s other racial and cultural problems will be solved as well. So the anti-Semites, an addition to being evil, are among the stupidest people who have ever lived. If they weren’t so vicious and ugly, their stupidity would be funny.

The commenter I was replying to in that entry, Brett Stevens, has posted at his own blog a well-written, interesting article on our “empty calories” politics in which empty and dishonest symbolism replaces substance. As he shows, this escape-from-reality syndrome affects not only the mainstream left and “right,” but even the extremes such as the white nationalists / anti-Semites.

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