The Wall Street Journal’s utter indifference to illegal immigration and illegal hiring

This is from a Wall Street Journal editorial, copied at FreeRepublic:

…Think about the Kerik example: The man and his wife have two small kids…. A nanny offers that help, and she seems both nice enough and gets along with kids. Whether or not she’s “legal” seems less important to most American parents than whether she’s trustworthy and hard-working.

As for the nanny, she’s traveled hundreds, if not thousands, of miles from home to make some money and get ahead. Her primary concern isn’t running some Immigration Service gantlet but is to find a good family that pays decently and treats her well. Are we really supposed to believe that this kind of transaction between consenting adults jeopardizes our national security?

With all due respect to the little anti-American creeps at the Wall Street Journal, those Communists-for-Capitalism, those spiritual offspring of the unmourned soulless technocrat Robert Bartley (who crusaded for a Constitutional amendment declaring that this country has open borders), that is not the way a normal, law-abiding, patriotic American reacts to the possibility of hiring an illegal alien. If I know that someone I’m dealing with is in this country illegally, I don’t want to deal with him. I’m offended at his being in this country illegally. I know that to do deal with him would be to legitimize his illegal and disrespectful behavior toward the laws and sovereignty of this country, and compromise myself. And if circumstances force me to treat with an illegal alien as though he were legitimately in this country, I’m not happy about it.

That’s the way I would react. But, hey, maybe I’m not normal, maybe I’m the strange one here. Maybe the normal way is to hire a person to work for you in a permanent job, in your home no less, and not care that that person is an illegal alien. Maybe the normal attitude is that it’s perfectly fine that the person responsible for enforcing our immigration laws has hired illegal aliens himself.

By putting the word “legal” in scare quotes, the Wall Street Journal’s editors lose any right to pronounce on immigration law and policy in this country.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 15, 2004 12:51 PM | Send

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