At a McDonald’s in Des Moines, 20 to 30 unarmed juveniles of undetermined race surround a man and woman of undetermined race, throw rocks at them, rob them

It would be useful for some enterprising soul to send a copy of the below article to Rich Lowry, Ramesh Ponnuru, Jonah Goldberg, and Andrew McCarthy of National Review, and ask them what they think of the Des Moine Register’s non-mention of the race of the perpetrators and the victims of this rock-throwing racial mob attack. Perhaps they will say: “Yes, we approve of the Register’s silence about race, because it’s offensive—and damaging to the ideal of E Pluribus Unum—to describe blacks as violent and dangerous to whites.” Or perhaps they will say:”The Register is wrong, because the media’s silence about black-on-white violence only encourages more such violence.” But if that’s their answer, why did they dismiss John Derbyshire from NR for discussing the realities of black-on-white violence?

However, I’ve left out another possibility. Perhaps they will reply to their questioner: “How do you know that it was blacks attacking whites? The way you leap to conclusions and refuse to treat people as individuals possessing the equal right to dignity shows you are a noxious racialist. Just like Derb.”

The Des Moines Register reports:

Juvenile horde allegedly attacks, robs couple leaving Des Moines McDonald’s
Apr 19, 2012 | by Regina Zilbermints

A large group of juveniles reportedly attacked and robbed a couple that was trying to leave a McDonald’s drive through Wednesday afternoon.

Jeffrey and Kimberly Easton were getting food at the drive-thru of the McDonald’s at 3000 SE 14th St. around 5 p.m., Des Moines police said. As the couple was leaving, a group of 20-30 juveniles allegedly spilled out of the restaurant and blocked the Eastons from leaving.

Jeffrey Easton, 48, told officers he got out of the car and asked them to move, leading to an argument. Several juveniles reportedly started throwing rocks at him.

He told officers he had pain on the left side of his head and the center of his chest.

Kimberly Easton, 47, got out to try to help and also had rocks thrown at her, though none hit her, police said.

Kimberly Easton left her door open when she got out of the car and one of the juveniles allegedly took her bag. They all ran across Southeast 14th Street onto Pleasantview Drive, police reports show.

Officers found the bag, but a Kindle computer tablet, ipod and glucose meter were missing. A homeowner in the area said she saw a group of kids scatter and throw the bag in front of her driveway, police said.

Witnesses said there is a recording of the group in the restaurant but not of the robbery, although someone may have captured the robbery on a cell phone camera. Another man also said he witnessed the robbery itself.

Jeffrey Easton also pointed out two juveniles in a nearby parking lot and told officers they had been with the group. The two 14-year-olds said they were in the restaurant but did not participate in the robbery.

Their names were not released and no other arrests were made.

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April 30

Marc B. writes:

Yes, damaging to the neoconservatives’ sense of e pluribus unum — or as Al Gore would translate, “Out of one, many.” I hope one of these “juveniles” is enjoying his new Kindle reader. He’s probably reading Leroy Jones’ Dutchman for class.

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