Swifties to Kerry: Apologize and admit the truth, and we’ll stop the ads

The Swift Boat veterans have made Sen. Kerry a fair and reasonable offer. Anybody charging that their goal is merely to “smear” him, rather than to correct the false and vicious history he created, must be brought up short by this letter. I myself have criticized the Swifties for their occasional excessive vehemence, as when John O’Neill on a tv program kept repeating that Kerry had “shot a kid in the back,” as if to suggest that Kerry had done something wrong when he killed that VC, rather than something that merely was not deserving of a Silver Star. Also, not all of their charges against Kerry have held up under closer examination. But oversteppings and mistakes in such a fraught situation are understandable and forgivable. It’s clear that the Swifties’ overall intentions are honest and honorable. I salute them.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 01, 2004 01:21 PM | Send

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