Accentuate the Goode, eliminate the Bad

Rep. Virgil Goode of Virginia will undoubtedly come in for mounting denunciations over his honest and crucially important statement in a letter to constituents that if we don’t want the Koran to play a public role in America, we’ve got to reduce the immigration of Muslims into America. Already Rep. Bill Pascrell, a Democrat of New Jersey, has written to Goode saying that he was “greatly disappointed and in fact startled” by Goode’s letter. “I take your remarks as personally offensive to the large community of Muslim-Americans I represent in the Eighth District of New Jersey.”

The key thing is that Goode, having made a truthful, non-liberal statement, not fold and take it back, as Lawrence Summers did, as Pope Benedict did, as myriad others have done in recent decades (I did not think death had undone so many). Tell Rep. Goode that he has spoken the truth, that good Americans are behind him, and that he should stick to his guns. Here is his contact information.

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Vincent C. writes:

Separate and coordinated prongs of the attack have begun to silence criticism of Rep. Ellison’s wish to be officially sworn in using a Koran, not the Bible. Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized Rep. Vergil Goode, who warned of the dangers of too many Muslims, and what that will mean to the U.S., calling his remarks “offensive.” The incoming House majority leadership then widened the attack by getting six term veteran Rep. Bill Pascarell, of New Jersey’s 8th District, to send a public letter urging Goode to apologize for his remarks. Pascarell, whose constituency consists—according to his official website—“of diverse urban and suburban communities,” and who has been chosen for membership in the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, added his rebuke of Goode. Not to be outdone, as if on cue, the newspaper The American Muslim chimed in, calling Goode’s comments “a grossly inaccurate (and a poorly written) diatribe.” One also wonders if “moderate” Republicans have also, “sotto voce,” told Goode to apologize for the good of the GOP. Like Robert Spencer, who admits never having met Goode, both Pelosi and Pascarell may have met Goode, but they don’t know him. Not well, anyway.

Amongst those who have stood firmly against White House pressure to cave in on dealing with illegal immigration, Vergil Goode stands second to none. He has consistently sought to protect his constituents of the 5th District from the ravages committed by illegal aliens with drivers licenses issued by the neighboring North Carolina (California East), who have frightened and threatened the people of southern Virginia. As a member of the House Immigration Caucus, he and Duncan Hunter of California introduced the bill that a reluctant Sewrites:

Let me urge the readers of to write and thank Virgil Goode for his willingness to address an issue that few in either party will even admit exists. In his press conference with The Washington Post yesterday, Bush said that he wants “comprehensive immigration reform” on his desk early in the new session. Those are code words for amnesty, and unless the efforts by congressmen like Goode are successful in halting this calamity, we as a nation will have, in the felicitious words of the blogmaster, embarked irretrievably on the path to national suicide.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Steve H. writes:

I was on the Bill Bennett show this morning which is being hosted by Steve Malzberg. They took my call about Virgil Goode’s position on Muslim immigration without hesitation. I endorsed him wholeheartedly and encouraged the listeners to do the same. We also got to talking about the rape crisis involving Muslim immigrants in Europe and Australia. Malzberg was completely unaware of this situation. He said he would check into it.

I am concerned about this lack of awareness about the peril of Muslim immigration by conservative talk hosts. Malzberg and others act like they never give this any thought or consideration. I must say Malzberg was very supportive of this stance but why wasn’t he at the forefront of this topic on how we can protect ourselves and our civilization.

I called Virgil Goode’s Washington office to voice my support and to tell them I also supported him on talk radio. I would encourage all your readers to not only call Mr. Goode’s office but to also to call talk radio to support him and the fight on Muslim immigration. The anti-God Left along with all the political correctness cowards are sharpening their “bigoted, racists, Islamophobic” rhetoric on this fight.

My Best!

P.S. Goode’s office said that our friend Robert Spencer had just called to voice his support.

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