The latest “niggardly” incident continues: black county commissioner digs self deeper in black hole

As I said the other day, the occasional protest by blacks against such phrases as “black hole” are not just a momentary reaction of an ignorant individual, but in many cases part of a movement that exists in black America to eliminate from the English language all phrases that use black with a negative connotation, such as “Black Tuesday,” “the Black Death,” and so on. I first became aware of this years ago when I once saw in person a black educator make this demand to the New York State Board of Regents.

Larry T. writes:

LOL!! If you click on this story, you will see a video interview of the incident and further comments by the commissioner. It’s great that these fools are now becoming the object of national scorn. More good news is that we have now identified another potential cabinet secretary for the Obama administration.

Commissioner Defends Position That ‘Black Hole’ is Racist Term

John Wiley Price Critical of Color-Based Language

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price is sticking to his comments that the term “black hole,” which a colleague used, is racist. Price also says language such as “angel food cake” and “devil’s food cake” are also racially insensitive.

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Robert B. writes:

This is not just a “black” thing. It has long been known that it is a cross cultural belief that “light” is good, “dark” is evil. This probably goes back to very ancient man and day time (good) versus night time (bad) being scary.

In any case, it is the belief that these stereo types are what underlies “racism”. When in fact, racism is the outcome of proximity.

LA replies:

Obviously there are objective differences between lightness and darkness and the meaning that they will have to people. Now may I mention an obvious and striking physical fact without being considered racist? The faces of white people—or least of lighter white people—seem to give off light, they glow, they blush, which is not true of other races. That’s a rather remarkable feature. Now imagine a population consisting of light white people with glowing faces and very dark black people whose faces do not give off light. Dark skin also has its beauty and dignity, but is something strikingly different from “white” (actually ruddy or “pink”) skin. Liberalism tells us that such differences should not matter at all, that it’s morally wicked even to notice them or react to them (except to “celebrate” them, whatever that means). But normal human beings of all races will tend to notice and react to them, and, further, will tend to gravitate to and identify with people who are more like themselves, which in turn will naturally lead to the division of a society into mutually exclusive groups, and thus to tensions between those groups.

This one type of racial difference that I’ve mentioned serves to illustrate a larger point: conspicuous racial or cultural diversity in a single society is not a blessing, but a problem, a challenge. Which means that such diversity is to be avoided, if it doesn’t currently exist; and that its increase (let alone its celebration) is also to be avoided, if it already exists. To make the increase of conspicuous racial, cultural, and religious diversity the highest goal and ideal of society, as the modern West does, is the height of suicidal insanity. Yet this madness is at present the unchallengeable orthodoxy of the West.

Alex K. writes:

I was particularly taken with a something said on the video by one of the offended men: “In this day and time you don’t sit around a table where you have diversity and refer to a black hole.” It sounds absurd when he says it, because he means it. But it’s actually true. It is simply a restatement of one of Steve Sailer’s frequent themes, that diversity leads to limits on free speech. It is a right-liberal misconception that PC limitations on speech are a separate issue from racial and cultural diversity.

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