Christie is not a conservative; and the conservative illusion that he is

Paul Nachman writes:

Andy McCarthy defenestrates Gov. Christie.

Long, as usual for McCarthy. Admirably thorough for that price, though.

LA replies:

I’m trying to visualize McCarthy throwing Christie out of a window.

- end of initial entry -

Paul K. writes:

I’m trying to visualize a window large enough.

LA replies:

Yes, that must have been the reason for my difficulty.

There is also the difficulty of visualizing McCarthy picking Christie up.

Buck writes:

Christie is not going out any window, even if he’s willing to accept help. He’s 350 pounds if he’s an ounce. I have two older siblings, both of them morbidly obese. My eleven month older brother is almost identical to me and my father—6 foot 2 inches and the same bone structure. I’m 200 lbs, he is always between 360 and 400 lbs. Christie has the same build.

I’ve had a 20 lb. weight vest for decades. I used to use wear it running. I recently found it in my basement and put it on. It’s just 20 lbs., yet is clearly an large extra load to carry. I find it remarkable that my brother and Gov. Christie may be carrying the equivalent of an additional me on their backs. They are both huge and their bodies are enduring an amazing and continuous stress.

Governor Christie’s weight is the 800 pound gorilla in his life. His weight management problem is more significant than he is letting on.

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