Daniels will not be candidate

Darn, there goes my dream ticket (announced just yesterday) of Daniels and Pawlenty (or Pawlenty and Daniels). Though Daniels’s own dream ticket was himself and Condoleezza Rice.

According to Politico, Daniels’s withdrawal increases the pressure on Christie to run. Christie is a supporter of Daniels and thus unavoidably a supporter of Daniels’s best-known position, his politics of “truce,” i.e. of unilateral surrender, in the culture war. Christie is also presumably a supporter of Daniels’s politics (as shown by Daniels’s preference for Rice as his VP) of permanent war for democracy. And since we’re talking about the social liberal / permanent war for democracy faction, how about Christie and Rice? Better yet, how about Jeb Bush (also mentioned by Politico as a possible substitute for Daniels) and Rice? After all, George W. Bush called Rice his “sister.” So why not have George W. Bush’s brother run with his sister? That way we would have an administration with a black Vice President and a Mexican First Lady, along with several family members already declared in favor of homosexual “marriage,” all happily united for permanent war for democracy, surrender in the culture war, and legalization of all illegal aliens.

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James N. writes:

And Pawlenty won’t last.

You betcha.

LA replies:

Aha. I see where YOU’RE coming from …

May 23

Trent from Arizona writes:

BTW a Pawlenty\Daniels ticket … you sure know how to excite the conservative base, Lawrence. Or were they to run in Canada?

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