A white reporter so whipped that he can’t even refer to the word “nigger” while interviewing the star of a movie that amply uses it

Of course whites don’t normally use the word nigger as their own expression, to refer to blacks. But the totalist rigidity of liberalism is such that white liberals don’t even allow themselves to use the word nigger when asking a question about other people’e use of the word.

Has any large population group in human history ever been as contemptible as white liberals? Their behavior vis à vis blacks amounts to declaring: “We’re nothing. We’re cowards. We’re under your power. Kill us. Rape us. Disfigure us. Knock us to the ground and stomp us in the head until we’re dead or permanently brain damaged. Take everything we own and everything we are. Destroy us. We deserve it.” And guess what? Blacks—who pay close attention to the cues and messages sent out by whites (unlike whites who devoutly ignore the messages sent out by blacks)—keep doing what the whites are urging them to do, whether through symbolic, cultural expressions (as in this movie Django Unchained) , or literally.

CBS local in Houston reports:

HOUSTON—“Django Unchained” star Samuel L. Jackson took an unexpected approach to discussing the controversial new Quentin Tarantino film when he tried to get a Houston film critic to say the “n” word during an interview.

Film critic Jake Hamilton was asking Jackson about the frequent use of the racist word in the movie when the actor cut Hamilton off (about 14 minutes into video above).

“No? Nobody? None? The word would be?” Jackson asked.

Hamilton told Jackson that he doesn’t feel comfortable to say the “n” word, but Jackson tried to force him to utter it anyway.

“Try it … try it,” Jackson pushed. “We’re not going to have this conversation unless you say it.”

Hamilton then asked Jackson to say it.

“No, f*** no, that’s not the same thing,” the actor responded.

Jackson told Hamilton that it wasn’t a great question if he couldn’t say the word.

Despite being critically acclaimed and up for four Golden Globe awards, the movie has been heavily criticized for its use of violence and the prevalent use of the “n” word.

“Django Unchained” has earned $64 million so far since its Christmas day release.

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January 4

Dan R. writes:

Having just discussed Sean Hannity in a different thread, another trait of his one cannot help notice is a complete aversion to any use of the actual “N-word,” exactly like the white liberal reporter in the clip. Hannity is a liberal on race and an old-fashioned liberal on immigration, his only problem with the latter being when it’s illegal. On many occasions he’s stated he doesn’t care what color immigrants come in as long as they obey our laws. So the phenomenon you’ve written so movingly of on so many occasions, the consciously designed displacement of America’s founding population by an influx of Third-World immigrants, holds no significance to the #2 talk-show host (at least prior to the election) in America, who also purports to be a conservative.

A cheer for Samuel L. Jackson. He’s certainly not one of the good guys, but in that moment revealed the utter helplessness of so many whites on the issue of race. This entire business of “the N-word” is about as mealy-mouthed as it gets. My response to its use is to say “the word ‘nigger’ is in the dictionary.” Lately I find myself cheering on bad guys who play similar roles, such as when Vladimir Putin signed a bill preventing Americans from adopting Russian babies, and granted Russian citizenship to Gerard Depardieu (who plans on leaving France in the face of M. Hollande’s 75 percent tax on the wealthy).

Meanwhile, I’m wondering: what would Jackson’s reaction have been if the reporter simply provided the one-word answer he was asking for?

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