Romney and Perry


Romney is standing properly, like a gentleman, though with that constant solicitous (too gentlemanly?) smile that gives him a look of softness, not of leadership. Perry is strutting like a rooster, holding his arms out from his side, sticking out his chest. He reminds me of George W. Bush, who when walking, especially at his Texas ranch, had that artificially manly posture, elbows held out from his body, which always made him look ridiculous. Not that Perry looks ridiculous, but the question is, is his tough guy act real? Yes, it makes for an encouraging contrast with the mealy, weak persona of the typical Republican. But G.W. Bush had some of that tough guy act too, didn’t he, and look what it led to. No Child Left Behind. The Medicare prescription subsidy. Eliminating standards for home mortgages to create racial equality in home ownership, which in turn led to the financial disaster and the still-continuing recession. The most liberal, utopian foreign policy in American history. A relentless attempt (fortunately defeated) to legalize all illegal aliens. And the complete embrace of Muslims, so long as they aren’t terrorists. I just don’t want another president who sounds like a cowboy but is really a liberal.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 08, 2011 08:48 AM | Send

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