Terminator II, the Undead, Dracula—we’re running out of metaphors for the Bill that Won’t Die

Since the president’s meeting with the GOP senators on Tuesday to revive the immigration bill, an attempt which several senators on both sides of the issue as well ABC News declared a failure and which I then called the R.I.P. of the Comprehensive Black Death Act, we’ve heard numerous stories on further efforts to bring back the bill. I have not run these items, first, because the stories seemed overwrought and too alarmist, and, second, because having just declared the bill dead for the foreseeable future, I didn’t want to drive readers crazy by immediately reversing that good news with contradictory indications that would probably go nowhere. Of course the open-borders side has not given up and will not give up in their drive to bust America so wide open that it will permanently lose control of its sovereignty and destiny, which in their view is the true fulfillment of America. But our side has stopped the other side, to the other side’s utter astonishment. So this is not a matter of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. This is a matter of an resistible but inexhaustible force meeting an immovable object. The American people are aroused and the Republican senators know it, and they also know that a few amendments can’t fix what’s wrong with this bill.

Let us also remember why this bill failed in the first place: the obvious refusal by Busheron and his allies to be serious about enforcement. Busheron is a true believer in open borders; the bill, for all its transparently phony enforcement measures, incarnated that fanaticism; and the country has rejected the bill for that reason. Lott and McConnell can dicker around with amendments and compromises and deals and threats for the next 18 months and it will not change these fundamental facts.

The above thoughts are not an encouragement to be complacent but a reminder to avoid undue panic at each piece of contrary news.

In this light, here is an item posted at Free Republic today by John Hawkins at Right Wing News, giving inside information from congressional aides on the McConnell-Lott efforts to resuscitate the bill.

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