Ahh, those ever-evolving, conservative Palins

Bristol Palin, who said that her mission in life was to persuade young women that it’s a mistake to get pregnant out of wedlock, and who then proceeded to become a celebrity, thus demonstrating to young women that having a child out of wedlock is a path to fun, fame, and fortune, has now gone on to the next stage of her budding celebrity-hood: at age 20 she has had major cosmetic surgery that has visibly altered the shape of her face. She claims it was only for “medical reasons,” but this is a transparent lie.


I predict that within the next year Bristol will form a joint reality-show venture with the Kardashian sisters. With her dark hair and complexion and now plastified face, she’s even starting to look like them.

I also predict that this is just the first of many cosmetic surgeries she will undergo, on both face and figure, until she becomes 100 percent plastified, like the Kardashians.

Karl D., who sent the item, writes:

I hate to sound like a liberal who piles on the Palins for the heck of it, but she really comes across as the epitome of the female brain dead celebutante that have become such the rage in the last decade. I guess that conservative upbringing just didn’t stick.

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A reader writes:

It’s strange. Her new face makes her look more like her mother.

Nile McCoy writes:

The type of surgery Bristol Palin had done is for exactly the reason she gave, to correct the alignment of her jaw. I had the same surgery done as well in my late teens. I think we should give Bristol the benefit of the doubt on that point. However, I think she had a chin implant on top of the other procedure as well.

LA replies:

The entire line of her jaw and the shape of her chin have changed. Even the cast of her face has changed. She looks prettified and plastified. Obviously this surgery went well beyond fixing a misalignment of the jaw.

Karl D. writes:

Re what you write in the entry on Bristol: very true. But the process won’t be complete until she shacks up with a seven foot black NBA player named Deshawn.

JC writes from Houston:

Maybe it has something to do with having a strange, nontraditional name as you pointed out in an earlier column.

Kidist Paulos Asrat writes:

Bristol has already signed up for a variety show!

“But the as-yet-untitled TV documentary will see Palin moving in with former child stars, brothers Kyle and Christopher Massey … The series will follow her work for an as-yet-unidentified Los Angeles charity and is scheduled to air late 2011, BIO channel said.”

And Kim Kardashian is giving Bristol “celebrity reality show” advice, including “Be authentic.”

Very funny!

Good call!

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