Contacting Barton, Boehner, and Cantor

Paul Nachman writes:

In response to Rep. Barton’s “shakedown” remarks (linked and discussed here) that got him in such trouble with the Republican leaders Boehner and Cantor, I just phoned all three of their offices. As is usual for me, I’d written scripts for the purpose. In case you want to encourage your readers to do the same, here are the scripts I used.

To Rep. Joseph Barton (202) 225-2002

I’m calling from Montana to say attaboy to Congressman Barton for his straightforward statement that BP was shaken down for that $20 billion compensation fund. That had been my reaction, too, and then Barton said it publicly. And now that I’ve seen the full video of Barton’s statement, I’m very impressed at how measured he was. It was no exoneration of BP; he simply said that what BP had apparently been subjected to was completely extra-legal thuggery.

And I’m disgusted that Boehner and Cantor forced Barton to recant. They’re acting like a couple of delicate geldings. Can’t the Republican leadership recognize principles and stand on them?

I’m happy to leave my name and contact information for the record if you’d like.

To Minority Leader Boehner (202) 225-6205 and Minority Assistant Leader Cantor (202) 225-2815

I’m calling from Montana to register my disgust that Boehner and Cantor forced Congressman Barton to recant his statement that the administration was shaking down BP. Maybe Barton didn’t need to apologize to BP, but the more important thing was Barton’s straightforward statement that the Obamoids are engaging in completely extra-legal thuggery, Chicago style. And I know, because that’s where I grew up.

What Boehner and Cantor apparently don’t realize is that standing on principle and defending it, without weasling, would actually be good for Republicans politically—besides being crucial for the country. My conclusion is that if Boehner/Cantor actually has balls, he should take them out of storage.

I’m happy to leave my name and contact information for the record if you’d like.

I used the scripts close to verbatim, and the staffers all listened politely. Two of them took my name and phone number.

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