Turning America into a country of aliens

Ed H. writes:

Your essay “The Path to National Suicide” is not easy to read. This does not mean that the language is difficult, or that the concepts are obscure. The opposite is the case. The essay is difficult because the truth of it is so exasperating. I could only read a few pages or, perhaps, paragraphs and put it down.

I read the essay while sitting in restaurant in my former hometown of Alexandria, Virginia. In the 1960s Alexandria had a Southern feel, people spoke with a Virginian accent, the architecture was 18th century, and history was everywhere. Colonial history, Revolutionary War history, Civil War history. Last night no one in the restaurant was white, and no one was speaking English. From the restaurant you can see the ten story Masonic monument erected to George Washington’s memory. Putting Auster’s theory to the test, I asked several people what the building was. No one knew. I then asked a friendly Peruvian if he knew how to drive to Mount Vernon. He had never heard of it. Then I asked a Mexican how to get to Mount Vernon, and received a blank stare. Then I asked a Cambodian, and I couldn’t understand a word he said his accent was so thick. But this is all perfectly acceptable according to multiculturalist theory … after all what does the Civil War, the Revolution, George Washington, the English colonies, the ideals of the Southern Gentleman, European philosophy, Roman political organization have to do with someone whose culture is Shi’ite or Mestizo? What will it EVER have to do with them? What will this history convey to them should they bother to learn it but a sense of alienation, incomprehension, exclusion, and finally inferiority and resentment? All this will be translated, via the popular vote into the further, and final. political destruction of our country. Hence my exasperation while reading your essay. It is so devastating, so true, so prescient. Well lets see what todays newspaper brings … ah yes iman in South Florida collects money to kill Americans, another NYC terror plot hatched by an Algerian asylum seeker, Barack Obama promises amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in return for votes.

Buck O. writes:

It is heart breaking. I was born and raised in Del Ray (section of Alexandria). Our “alien” history is everywhere.

I recently took my son there to meet up with my sister and visiting Mom. I went early to drive my son around, what’s left of, what had to be, one of the best neighborhoods in America. It’s now mostly alien, just as your reader described it. It’s depressing, pointing to where something was, describing how it used to be. It was a wonderful place to grow up, in the 1950s.

“The Path to National Suicide,” if I can effort an analogy, was like a thousand slow tornadoes emanating from the center of a perfect storm, the Federal Triangle. One tornado cut it’s path from the White House, across the 14th Street Bridge, through Arlington and Del Ray, down the George Washington Parkway to Mount Vernon. When no one in Alexandria knows what or where Mount Vernon is…

When our generation is dead, the suicide will be near complete.

I know, there’s always hope. But, it’s getting pretty thin.

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