Griffin interview on BBC

Two days ago, a commenter from England pointed out that Nick Griffin told a BBC radio interviewer the morning after his election to the European Parliament that he didn’t want to talk about race and immigration but other issues. The impression was created that as soon as Griffin had won a political seat, he began “going mainstream.” I listened to the interview last evening and I disagree. Griffin didn’t run away from immigration and race at all. The interviewer was essentially mugging him for seven or eight minutes on the race issue and Griffin kept coming back with excellent responses. It’s clear that he has a thought-out, coherent position on these matters and that every attempt to smear and discredit him only gives him an opportunity to display it. The fact that Griffin gets tired of being called a racist, and that he does have other concerns besides immigration, hardly represents the sell-out of which the commenter was accusing him.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 15, 2009 01:44 PM | Send

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