Are the Muslims faking us out in the battle over the Ground Zero mosque?

A correspondent from a fellow English-speaking country writes:


This coming September 10 or a few days earlier, Imam Feisal Rauf will announce, with great fanfare, that the new mosque will be built on another location, a magical “mile” from Ground Zero. This will remove the entire reason d’etre for the scheduled anti-mosque demonstration at Ground Zero on September 11, and the gathering will become an occasion for the celebration of interfaith understanding and the singing of kumbaya. The Muslims will use the incident to demonstrate their tolerance and willingness to compromise. The Americans will lose their edge on the issue, since their opposition to the mosque has been related only to the specific location of the mosque and not to the general principle that all further building of mosques in America and the West must be stopped. Thus they will capitulate in “victory.”


The steamroller continues and more mosques will be allowed, in the new spirit of cooperation.


This was the Muslims’ intent all along, they were simply smarter than we were. They’ve won another round.

A correspondent from the European continent replies:
I’m sure that your first prediction is right: Obama and Bloomberg will force Rauf to move the mosque. I’m not so sure about the rest of your predictions. Mosques are put up in order to demonstrate spatial supremacy, and, in the case of the Ground Zero mosque, victory over the infidel on 9/11. That effect cannot be achieved by building the mosque a mile away. A mosque at Ground Zero would have been concrete evidence of America’s abject surrender to Islam. That was the intention. Somebody ought to say this in public. Whatever happens, the debate over this particular mosque has alerted the public that there is something fishy about mosques.

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Gintas writes:

Isn’t this a perfect example of the Hegelian dialectic?

  • Thesis: Islamicized West.

  • Antithesis: West with no Islam.

  • Synthesis: West with a little more Islam than before.

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