Bushite blogger calls for withdrawal

Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters, who previously has supported Harriet Miers’s nomination, looks at her record and recent responses to the Senate questionaire, calls her a “substandard jurist,” and concludes: “I’d strongly suggest that the White House look for a way out of this, and fast.”

However, based on Morrissey’s previous record of seeming to oppose Miers but then not doing so (though he had an explanation for the apparent switch which VFR posted), we won’t be able to be sure that he really means what he seems to mean, until he says the words, “President Bush, withdraw this nomination.”

Meanwhile, John Tabin at The American Spectator points out that Democrats on the Judiciary Committee will not support Miers because of her past anti-abortion views, and that several Republicans on the Committee are indicating she is not qualified. He concludes that the nomination is doomed. It would appear that only Bush’s stubbornness, and Miers’s faith in Bush’s brilliance, and perhaps Mrs. Bush’s insistence on a female justice, are keeping the nomination alive at this point.

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