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Philip M. (who is standing for a local council seat as a BNP candidate in the June 4 elections) writes from England

I have really enjoyed the threads on what is happening here with the expenses scandal. It has been the most revealing and insighful commentary to be found amidst the vast amount written on this scandal. The same goes for your comments about the BNP and the archbishop of Canterbury. Simply brilliant.

I have never known anything like it, there are anti BNP stories and articles in the national press literally on a daily basis. They must be really scared.

I thank Philip. Here are the recent entries on the expenses scandal and the establishment’s fear of the BNP:

Phillips sees expenses scandal resulting in “possible terminal wipe-out” of Labor Party
Archbishops unite against the BNP
Intelligent, upright Britons are mad as hell and they’re not taking it any more
Resistance—life—stirs in Britain
Do the British people not have the right to exist as a people?
McKinstry: expenses scandal “the best news for our democracy in years”

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