Geert Wilders again leads the way

Good news posted in our thread on the now-taken-for-granted-on-Wall-Street coming breakup of the eurozone:

“The Dutch Freedom Party has called for a return to the Guilder, becoming the first political movement in the eurozone with a large popular base to opt for withdrawal from the single currency.”

Kilroy M. writes:

A small correction to the UK Telegraph: Wilders is not the first politician in the eurozone to consider withdrawing from the common currency. The Slovakian government has toyed with this idea earlier this year, and I remember reading in some print publication last year that they were seriously discussing a return to their national currency as well.

This is actually typical—I find Western media sources are completely ignorant of anything east of the Brandenburg Gate, a throwback perhaps to Cold War blindness. On a related point, when Denmark entered the euro, I remember reading that we saw the disappearance of the oldest currency of Europe and the last to called itself the “gold piece.” Not true. The “gold piece” still exists, in Poland (zloty, which means “piece of gold”) and is one of the oldest existing currencies used on the continent.

The only thing Western media sources seem to notice in the East is Moscow, as if the Baltic, Black and Adriatic seas were somehow connected with a huge watery wasteland of nothing. Forget Wilders and Western European ultra-liberals who don’t like Islam because it’s oppressive to women and gays. If you’re after a European model of traditionalist conservative government, just take a tour of the halls of Parliament in present day Hungary.

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