File under “Fatally neglectful parents”

The Daily Mail reports:

“Girl, three, dies after shooting herself in head with gun she found while father left her home alone to see girlfriend.”

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James N. writes:

Living in the woods with five children as I do, with the police 15-45 minutes away depending on season and time of day, I have invested quite a bit of time and money on firearm safety.

I’m not sure, though, that a three year old shooting herself in the head unassisted with a handgun is credible.

I mean, it’s credible to firearm-phobic urbanites (especially Brits), but to gunslingers like me, it’s sorta hard to believe.

And, yes, I lock them up anyway.

Just sayin’.

Jim C. writes:

You know what, you’ve just addressed a very interesting philosophical question now facing our liberal scribblers: Do I tell the story from a traditional point of view, or do I tell it from, e.g., the stupid parent’s point of view? Indeed, this parent is not responsible. How can anyone blame a dedicated parent who needs a little romantic interlude? And at three years old, his daughter should have known better.

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