The Hispanic “family” among us and what they’re about

As reported in the Los Angeles Times (“Sotomayor nomination splits GOP”), the Hispanic racialist federal judge Sonia Sotomayor has received this significant expression of support from a Hispanic Republican consultant:

Lionel Sosa, a Texas-based Republican ad maker who designed Latino outreach for GOP presidents from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush, said that opposing Sotomayor “would be one more nail in the Republicans’ image coffin in terms of Latino voters.”

“When you’re anti the first Latina on the Supreme Court, you’re anti-my-family… . I would take it that these people are anti-Latino,” Sosa added. “The worst thing the Republicans can do is oppose her.”

Which gives rise to the following thoughts:

1. When Republican politicians over the last 40 years supported mass Hispanic immigration, did they tell us that the result of creating a huge Hispanic population in this country would be that no one would be able to oppose a left-wing Hispanic for the Supreme Court—or to oppose Hispanic illegal immigration—because that would be seen as an insult to the entire Hispanic “family” and thus mean political suicide for Republicans?

2. If those rules had been announced beforehand, would the country have gone along with Hispanic immigration?

3. Now that those rules have been announced, will Republican politicians and mainstream conservatives opinion makers reply: “No, these are not the rules we operate under in this country. The way you’re talking, Mr. Sosa, has no place in America”?

4. And now that those rules have been announced, will a single Republican politician or conservative opinion maker acknowledge that America has through its immigration policies given national power to a tribal, anti-white people who now dictate to us the politics we must support or else be seen as “insulting” the Hispanic “family”?

5. Finally, since the Hispanic community through its visible spokesmen has declared itself to be tribal and anti-white (in addition to Soso’s “surrender to us or else” remark, see Sotomayor’s statement that she would make a better judge than a white because of her “rich” experience as a Hispanic woman), what should we do about that?

There is only one answer. Hispanic and all non-Western immigration should be stopped. Laws against illegal immigration and employment of illegal aliens should be enforced so that illegals will stop entering this country and those already here will depart. All multicultural and linguistic accommodations to Hispanics and other non-Western peoples in our midst should cease. And the country should tell its Hispanics that you either accept the American system, or you don’t belong here.

That’s what America should do, and that’s what America will do, if it has life in it.

* * *

Speaking of the anti-whiteness of Hispanics, Ben Shapiro writes at

Over the past decade, racial groups have become more polarized, not less. A simple example will suffice. A personal friend, a white man who teaches at an inner-city school in Los Angeles County with an almost entirely Hispanic population, polled his students shortly before the 2008 election regarding their parents’ presidential preferences. Every hand in the classroom went up for Obama. After class, my friend approached one of the students. “Why are your parents voting for Obama?” he asked a 10-year-old Hispanic girl. She answered him in four words: “Because he’s not white.”

Shapiro is disturbed by this, seeing it as a sign of increasing racial polarization in this country. Not, of course, that it leads him to have any second thoughts on the wisdom of mass nonwhite immigration.

But, as discussed before at VFR, for some other “conservatives,” the openly expressed anti-whiteness of Hispanics is not disturbing, but inspiring. At the time of Obama’s nomination, David Horowitz joyously celebrated the fact that millions of nonwhites were for the first time participating in the national ritual of a presidential inauguration, thus consummating a new national unity among the races. And why, according to Horowitz, were nonwhites so excited by the inauguration of this president? Because for the first time the president was nonwhite, and so for the first time there was a president to whom they could relate.

Thus Horowitz endorsed the principle of race-conscious tribalism among nonwhites, a principle he had previously opposed, because he found that it expanded the American electorate and created a larger, more multiracial, American “unum.” But, as Horowitz’s own remarks indicated, that multiracial unum that so inspired him was a unum made possible by the anti-whiteness of nonwhites, and by whites’ approval of that anti-whiteness. The new national unity applauded by Horowitz is a unity constructed of nonwhite tribalism, and white subservience to that tribalism.

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Mark Jaws writes:

As you well know, I spent the first 22 years of my life growing up with Puerto Ricans on the lower East Side. They were my friends, my girlfriends, my teammates, my buddies, my fellow pranksters, and, yes, my adversaries. There are many things to admire about Puerto Ricans (their warmth, humor, joie de vivre, their passion, etc), but there is also a tribal strain deeply woven into their culture which is undeniably present, abiding and heartfelt. About ten years ago when my half-Puerto Rican niece was about 12 years old and living with my parents, she refused to clean up after my mother (who had fallen and cut herself) because my mother was “not of Spanish blood.” While this is anecdotal it reminds us that the world is indeed tribal and only the West is living under the illusion that it is not. Based on her previous rulings and utterances, particularly her Dred Scott-like ruling and dismissal of the white firefighters in New Haven, this Sotomayor woman would be more suited to lead the Young Lords, a radical Puerto Rican group, then to sit on the Supreme Court. Why Obama had to pick this Hispanic (and not others who could judge impartially—or at least attempt to do so) speaks volumes about his racial mindset as well.

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