What today’s Catholic Church requires Catholics to believe about Islam.

Jon K. writes from Sweden:

Please find below a comment to your excellent article, “What the Catholic Catechism says about Islam,” from March 2007. I realize that the article is two years old, but I find the subject important.

LA replies:

Thank you for reminding me of that article, in which I show that the current Catholic Cathecism, based on the Vatican II documents Nostra Aetate and Lumens Gentium, makes openness toward Muslims as Muslims obligatory for Catholics. As I put it, “This obligation on Catholics is worse than suicidal liberalism. It turns suicidal liberalism into a religion, which says if you believe that your enemy is your enemy, if you speak the truth about your enemy who is commanded by his unchanging religion to subdue and destroy you, you are in a state of sin and may go to hell.” I didn’t have the article in my “VFR articles arranged by topic” document and have just added it, under the subheading “The Church and Islam.” I’ve added your comment.

The article is two years old, but its subject is as relevant and alarming as when it was posted.

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