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Mark Jaws writes:

In a saner world—e.g., pre-1960 USA—you would have been one of the nation’s preeminent observers of the cultural-political scene. In fact, had there been more Lawrence Austers holding the cultural line in the early 1960s we might have avoided some of the chaos and moral disintegration so prevalent today.

You and I are over 55, and our time on this earth is relatively short. If we are lucky, we may have 20 to 30 good years left. After having been so moved by your latest thread on modern people and Eloi, I wanted to know if you have taken any steps to ensure that your very valuable insights and wisdom will be preserved for future generations. Have you appointed someone to safeguard the site and keep it available once you have passed on?

How I wish I had time to reread every VFR thread you have produced to compile some of your greatest and most moving entries into a Lawrence Auster Cultural Catechism. However, my daughter is producing one baby after another (three in 38 months), and while this is wonderful, it has been very demanding on my time. Yet, for many of us, you are a national treasure, whose words must be made available for future generations.

LA replies:

Thank you very much.

Yes, because of my medical situation (as discussed here) steps are being taken to assure that the VFR archive and my other writings remain permanently available online after my passing, which, if my current excellent response to treatment continues, may not happen for some years, perhaps many years. Also there are plans afoot, though still in an early stage, to publish collections of VFR articles.

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