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James P. writes:

In the UK, we see a story about a hulking Pakistani who knocked a white father to the ground, and the victim died when he hit his head and suffered a severe brain injury. That could easily have happened to Zimmerman. Yet in the latter case I feel sure that we’ll hear nothing but lamentation about the “excessive” use of force against an “unarmed boy.”

Also in the UK, a white racist is sent to prison for a “racially aggravated offense” against a black man. Did the white man shoot the black? No. Assault him? No. Shout racist taunts to his face? No. While drunk, he sent a mocking twitter message about the black man (a football player). Absolute insanity doesn’t even begin to describe this.

And as for the black thug who killed two white British tourists in Florida—ho hum, nothing interesting there, just the usual wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time, robbery gone wrong. The nation remains calm, and the Justice Department unmoved, by the killer’s statement, regarding the victims, “Who are those crackers walking past the park?”

LA replies:

You see, the motive of the killer wasn’t race, it was territory. Those tourists were infringing on his territory.

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